1. Feels Good Koyza 0:41



There’s a new sound bubbling up from the streets of Brixton. The man responsible
moves in the shadows, the hidden corners, soaking up the rich musical heritage of
this colourful pocket of south London and turning it into socially-conscious,
celebratory, universal pop music.
Now three years into his project, working away in his hidden music studio, Koyza has amassed a catalogue of pristine pop songs, infused with radio-friendly flavour. “Music allows people, of all walks of life, to be themselves, to come together, to feel equal. Great songs have so much power; everybody relates them.”
Music has filled his soul since he can remember. It’s been a long journey, but now
he’s ready to share. From London with love, Koyza is here…

Check out the video for ‘Feels Good’ which has recently gained a large following and support from fans across the globe. Official release coming soon. Hold tight!